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There is an additional join operator called adaptive join.If cardinality estimates are incorrect for the outer build join input, an inappropriate join algorithm may be selected.For all installations of SQL Server, the default compatibility level is set to the version of the Database Engine.Databases are set to this level unless the model database has a lower compatibility level.

In 2015 SQL Database began support for level 130, although the default remained 120.

This is enabled via batch mode memory grant feedback which will update the memory grant size of a cached plan if an excessive amount was originally requested.

Batch-mode queries that contain join operators are eligible for three physical join algorithms, including nested loop, hash join and merge join.

The new compatibility setting for a database takes effect when a USE Database is issued or a new login is processed with that database as the default database.

For the recommended workflow for upgrading the compatibility level, see Change the Database Compatibility Mode and Use the Query Store.

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COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL Is the version of SQL Server with which the database is to be made compatible.

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