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He goes, “If it was up to me, there’d be no guns and fights at all.” I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say that… If they believe in the show and the ratings aren’t great, we’ve never been pressured by FX to do sex scenes or gunfights.Matthew, you directed an episode, and it was one of the more complex ones that settled some storylines and set up others.Where is that gray area where all those feelings live? Rhys: We’re like, “Well, these will be the best two.” The kids really flourished this season.That in itself is incredibly attractive as an actor, but landing it in a real place I thought would be the challenge. Paige, still trying to get used to the idea her parents are Russian spies, was very dramatic on the surface.When The Americans stars Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell arrived for Deadline’s shoot at a quaint upstate NY inn near where they were on holiday, they brought the latest member of their entourage.That would be Sam, a two-month-old who seems right out of central casting for cutest baby ever.Russell: I love the complication of the kids in the characters’ lives. They’re smart and vicious at times, but I love that they’re undone by a teenager, like we all are. It’s so rare, especially right now the way the film industry is. Was it a shock you got the reaction you did, and would it be better if you did that now? The whole reason we did it was because that’s what college girls do.I love that these two people are very capable in all these ways. We’re all incensed and undone by the ungratefulness of a child, and I love that it matters so greatly to them, in a way that it matters to every parent. If you’re a girl, the part you get to play these days…because there’s so many less movies made…in a good movie, if there’s a girl in it, there might be a handful of scenes, and your job is to be supportive to the guy who’s messed up. The love of their life at 18 years old breaks up with them, and they make this huge decision. They make this huge choice to cut their hair, and go with this cool haircut that only looks good on Winona Ryder.

So I had no idea where this was going to go—zero idea—and had no idea how emotional it would become, which has been such a good surprise about this job.They didn’t know what they were doing.” When you ask a guy like that, what do they tell you about the extreme places your characters go to?Matthew, yours seduced a CIA officer’s secretary, followed by a phony marriage that continued even when she realized she was betraying her country… Rhys: That was a very real operation the KGB set up.There was less choking dudes out in the public pool.Rhys: Joe Weisberg has always maintained that’s his dream; that this is a show where people talk.

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Yes, the themes we deal with are very easily relatable to marriage, but the baggage you bring as two people who lived a false life?

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