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Any such station may be used for establishing a survey connection to either West Virginia Coordinate System.(e) For purposes of describing the location of any survey station or land boundary corner in the State of West Virginia, it shall be considered a complete, legal and satisfactory description of the location to give the position of the survey station or land boundary corner on the system of plane coordinates defined in this section.Nothing contained in this section requires a purchaser or mortgagee of real property to rely wholly on a land description, any part of which depends exclusively upon either West Virginia Coordinate System.(f) When any tract of land to be defined by a single description extends from one into the other of the coordinate zones specified in this section, the position of all points on its boundaries may refer to either of the two zones.This origin is given the coordinates: x = 2,000,000 feet and y = 0 feet.The West Virginia Coordinate System of 1927 South Zone is a Lambert conformal conic projection of the Clarke Spheriod of 1866, having standard parallels at north latitudes 37 degrees 29 minutes and 38 degrees 53 minutes, along which parallels the scale shall be exact.One of these distances, to be known as the x-coordinate, shall give the position in an east-and-west direction.

As established for use in the South Zone, the West Virginia Coordinate System of 1927 or the West Virginia Coordinate System of 1983 shall be named and in any land description in which it is used it shall be designated the West Virginia Coordinate System of 1927 South Zone or West Virginia Coordinate System of 1983 South Zone.(d) The plane coordinate values for a point on the earth's surface, used to express the geographic position or location of the point in the appropriate zone of this system, shall consist of two distances, expressed in U. Survey feet and decimals of a foot when using the West Virginia Coordinate System of 1927 and determined in meters and decimals when using the West Virginia Coordinate System of 1983, but which may be converted to and expressed in feet and decimals of a foot.The associated factor of one meter equals 39.37/12 feet shall be used in any conversion necessitated by changing values from meters to feet.Note: WV Code updated with legislation passed through the 2016 Regular Session The West Virginia Code Online is an unofficial copy of the annotated WV Code, provided as a convenience.Any county, magisterial district or municipality, whether incorporated under general law or special act of the Legislature, shall have power to pay for any such tract or parcel of land and present the same to the government of the United States free of cost, for any of the purposes aforesaid, and to issue bonds and levy taxes for the purpose of paying for the same; and, in the case of a municipal corporation, the land so purchased and presented may be within the corporate limits of such municipality or within five miles thereof: That the provisions of the Constitution and statutes of this state, or of the special act creating any municipality, relating to submitting the question of the issuing of bonds and all questions connected with the same to a vote of the people, shall, in all respects, be observed and complied with.Concurrent jurisdiction with this state in and over any land so acquired by the United States shall be, and the same is hereby, ceded to the United States for all purposes; but the jurisdiction so ceded shall continue no longer than the United States shall be the owner of such lands, and if the purposes of any grant to the United States shall cease, or the United States shall for five consecutive years fail to use any such land for the purposes of the grant, the jurisdiction hereby ceded over the same shall cease and determine, and the right and title thereto shall reinvest in this state.

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The Civil War drove the final wedge between east and west, with the western counties voting to stay in the Union.

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