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The small size of the keys makes typing an affair for the more dexterous users only, and can be frustrating.The P1i uses the updated Symbian 9.1, UIQ 3.1 platform and a lot of the bugs from the previous version have been ironed out.Finally, the P1i has arrived, a 3G capable smart phone featuring a 3.2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, an updated UIQ 3.1 Symbian operating system, and a 20 button QWERTY keyboard and touch screen.The most interesting feature of the P1i is the 20 button QWERTY keyboard. When typing on the keyboard, you press the left side of the button for Q and the right side if you want W (use the shift key if you need the symbols).Sony Ericsson impressively includes a 1GB M2 card in the sales package for all Australian units, but the P1i supports M2 cards up to 4GB in size.While the M600i lacked a camera, the P1i has gone all out with a 3.2 megapixel camera featuring auto focus, a flash and 3x digital zoom. The photos produced by the camera aren't exactly on par with the K810i's Cyber-shot camera, but they are quite good for a mobile phone.The P1i features a range of useful applications, from the standard PIM functions like calculator, calendar, converter, stopwatch and timer to more advanced offerings like Quickoffice (for editing Word and Excel documents) and PDF for viewing and editing PDF files.

The P1i performs well in everyday tasks, though on occasions it does struggle with multiple applications open.Also seen on the M600i, this unique keyboard has two letters assigned to each button. The middle three rows of keys double as a standard numerical pad.It sounds complicated and does take some time to get used to; after more than a week of testing, we still only managed to type messages and emails slowly, making plenty of mistakes along the way.Using the camera, you can take a photo of a business card and the information will automatically be stored in your phonebook.Unfortunately, it is a hit and miss affair, as the right amount of light is needed to be able to process the information, and we were sometimes forced to take the photo a few times to get it right.

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