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I know regret I sent my 14-24mm to service due to interview at TLOBF where she gives her tips for dating. She get one from ‘Fiona’ a girl in the audience that passes her a rubber band. Expectedly the show rotates around the latest album (A pic of the setlist is here).

She’ll then acknowledge Fiona when presenting the band. They started with a couple of oldies but the new songs point to a different direction and the bands has more than a reason to emphasise them.

I imagine them composing music on a particular instrument and going back to that once in concert. Incredible performance that is rare to find nowadays.

We sat down with Rebecca over a hot cup of email to discuss a wide array of topics that included phlebotomy, using a chair as a musical instrument, and near-death experiences.

, an album that would’ve been a shoo-in for our Best of 2009 list if I hadn’t discovered it too late.

Over the course of the record’s twelve tracks, bandmates Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor masterfully walk the line between sincerity and playfulness.

As far as adorable rock duos go, they just might be Britain’s answer to the White Stripes.

If you’d like to see the them in person, you can check them out for free — that’s exactly zero dollars — at Bar Pink this Saturday, where they’ll be playing alongside San Francisco psych-folksters Sleepy Sun.

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The Guardian streamed deserved all the very good reviews it had worldwide, and in the indie-music blogosphere the band is now well known. From the cover it’s clear this is a different thing.

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