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For many Jews, Christmas and Chinese food go together like Beijing duck and those thin pancake wrappers. You might call it, like the website devoted to this group of cross-cultural families, Chinese and Chosen.

As the Photovoice Project Coordinator, James will be utilizing his background in digital arts to empower Asians living with HIV through the power of story-telling via photography. Maybe it was because he had lived in this city (which I like to think of as Jewish as Woody Allen) his whole life. But later, when I left Starbucks, I wondered if I really was out of the mainstream, as a shiksa with a Chinese husband, Was it true? You usually see Jewish women married to Chinese men.” “Really? ” I was so stunned, I still I can’t remember what he said.I’ll just point out the tastefully rendered juice dribbling down her chin and her need to be shirtless in order to consume a vegetable.Thanks Guss/Heeb Media, in addition to absolutely ruining my appetite for pickles, you’ve made it unlikely that I can ever comfortably eat one in public again.

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