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The intellectual movement sought to understand the natural world and the human mind and ranged across philosophy, chemistry, geology, engineering, technology, poetry, medicine, economics and history.

Figures like Thomas Hobbes, David Hume, Adam Smith, Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott are still celebrated for their achievements.

| Renaissance in Scotland The cultural, intellectual and artistic movement that took hold around Europe brought significant changes to Scotland; education, intellectual life, literature, art, architecture, music and politics all advanced in the late 15th century.

| Mary Queen of Scots Mary, newly born at Linlithgow Palace, was just six days old when her father, James V, died and she was crowned Queen of Scots.

| Macbeth rules Scotland Immortalised forever in Shakespeare’s fictitious retelling, Macbeth is perhaps one of the best-known early Scottish kings.

Macbeth ruled as King of Alba from 1040 to his death in battle in 1057.

Explore thousands of years of people and events with our timeline that highlights some of the most significant moments in Scotland’s fascinating history.

The Palaeolithic Era The period of earliest known occupation of Scotland by man is from the Palaeolithic era – also known as the Stone Age.

The Treaty of Falaise, signed by William I, ushered in a period of relative peace in Scotland.It was here one of Scotland’s most famous figures, William Wallace, earned his place in the history books forever.| Robert the Bruce crowned King of Scotland Unrest continued into the 14th century when Robert the Bruce took the throne and was crowned king.Though its effect was largely symbolic, the powerful declaration remains an important document in Scottish history – many historians believe it inspired America’s founding fathers to write the United States Declaration of Independence.For more information visit the National Records of Scotland.

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