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His wife Ursula was the illegitimate daughter of Henry Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby.A difficulty with this view is the fact that the couple are known to have had ten children, but the poem refers to the relationship as a childless "married chastity".

Sir John Salusbury had been knighted for helping to suppress the rebellion, while his cousin Owen Salusbury was killed while participating in it.

These include, in addition to Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, George Chapman, John Marston and the anonymous "Vatum Chorus" and "Ignoto". The poems are introduced by Vatum Chorus and Ignoto, followed by The Phoenix and the Turtle, which ends with mourning for the death of the perfect lovers, "leaving no posterity".

Marston then seems to reply to Shakespeare's "moving epicedium", by referring to the couple's "glorious issue": the being born from the flames.

For Bednarz "Shakespeare's name, subscribed to his poem in Love's Martyr shows his accommodation to the political order without endorsing any specific political position." Another interpretation, first proffered in the 1930s by Clara Longworth in the novel My Shakespeare, Rise!

is that the poem is a cryptic Roman Catholic eulogy and is part of the contention that Shakespeare was a secret Catholic sympathiser.

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  2. For nearly half a century, successive British governments of all political complexions have believed that it is in our essential national interests to be part of the process which makes the decisions which shape our continent. Is it a matter of economics or food safety to decide whether we eat chlorine-soaked chicken?