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“If you assume any rate of improvement at all, then the games will become indistinguishable from reality, just indistinguishable.” He said that even if the speed of those advancements dropped by 1000, we would still be moving forward at an intense speed relative to the age of life.

Since that would lead to games that would be indistinguishable from reality that could be played anywhere, “it would seem to follow that the odds that we’re in ‘base reality’ is one in billions”, Mr Musk said.

is something no one ever said, but if you’ve reached a midlife crisis, and are considering a career change, this could be the motivation you were waiting for.

Pick up a copy now for the ridiculous bargain price of on e Bay.

Now that the Oculus Rift is in the hands of developers and enthusiasts (read my extensive review of the Oculus Rift), work on the consumer version is well underway. Surgeon Simulator isn’t much of a realistic simulator.

The Wii was truly a revolutionary device: you could get all the excitement of playing a sport while lazily mimicking the basic gestures.

Legions of Wii Sport fans began a journey of lifestyle change to lose weight and get fit – until they discovered a bit of vigorous wrist flicking was all that was actually required of them.

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