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A woman who is cool but not too cold, strong, but yet gentle adventurous.

I 'am so very excited about rekindling my love life.

My mother was psychic so I grew up thinking that the paranormal was normal. I felt I had to make this my life’s work, my vocation. I have guested on some National and local TV shows.

I had other interests, but, for fun, I explored various methods and systems for many years and finally discovered “The Mystic Test Book.” The Card system gave me a channel and a method to develop my own intuition. On January 1, 1982 I decided to become a professional psychic. My best and favorite interview was on “Beyond Belief’’ with George. Had speaking engagements at The Pritikin Institute, Whole Life Expo, Fullerton College, Forty Plus, The Los Angeles Public Library and donated readings at numerous charitable functions.

Newspaper advertising start around for a circulation of 60,000 readers.

Look in the back of magazines, newspapers, journals, and what do you see?

The time will come when all people will come to realize that our personal future and the collective future of the world can be changed for the better by our good thoughts and actions.(Now lock me up and throw away the key for I’m sounding like a religious maniac!

But only if you promote your line and make a success we all share the profits!

Fact is, the more you advertise and promote your 900 line, the more money you will make...

When you say that W3C says it's well formed, I'm not sure what you mean.

You will enhance your spirituality and Bible knowledge too.

Doors began to open…I started working psychic fairs, was invited to be on the board of directors of PAHAS, the Professional Association of the Holistic Arts and Sciences. Years of study and research and spiritual growth, a hobby that became my life’s work. I don’t use Astrology, but Fire signs and Air signs are compatible: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius…Aquarius, Gemini, Libra.

When George took over as permanent host of Coast, I was his first guest.

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