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Its objectives are to promote children’s rights, and to eliminate all forms of violence against children.The new year arrived here in a terrible frenzy of gunfire and death, with 39 people killed as they celebrated at an upscale, waterside club.For nearly half an hour, all the men on one street in a neighborhood by the Bosporhous left their shops and started a pitched, ecstatic snowball fight.

They have adopted specific communication habits which have significant influence on their role in society and the way in which they can exercise their rights.

But many people hardly seemed bothered, Mumcu said.

“Istanbul needed something like this.” For others though, it was hard to put Turkey's troubles out of mind.

The Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse (2007) contains provisions criminalising the use of new technologies – the Internet in particular – to sexually harm or abuse children. The convention represents major progress towards preventing sexual offences against children, prosecuting the perpetrators and protecting their victims.

Available data suggest that about one in five children in Europe are victims of some form of sexual violence.

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