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It took months, but every time I look at this post and the faces after faces of queer women throughout history… Four quick disclaimers: 1) Obviously it’s impossible to verify the sexual orientation of some of the subjects of earlier photos I found on tumblr, the pre-1920s photos especially.

But because I found them on vintage queer tumblrs, etc., I went ahead and used them, but some of these photos may just be of cross-dressers or super-close friends.

They might also say that they live near you, but that they’re away; they could be in another country on a trip or for work, but they’ll almost certainly be somewhere far away where you can’t meet them.The photos used by scammers can also clue you in that something is off.If someone sends you a message and says they’d like to get to know you, save a copy of their picture and use Google’s reverse image search to see if anyone has posted about that photo being used for a scam.(Photo by Frank Driggs Collection/Getty IMages)Source: San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park P82-125a.6000 Training school, Bethlehem Shipbuilding, 10/14/43 " data-medium-file="https:// data-large-file="https:// class=" wp-image-144362 " title="1944-welders" src="https:// alt="" width="604" height="518" srcset="https:// https:// https:// sizes="(max-width: 604px) 100vw, 604px" /“Evelyn “Jackie” Bross (left) and Catherine Barscz (right) at the Racine Avenue Police Station, Chicago, June 5, 1943.They had been arrested for violating the cross-dressing ordinance.” via blog.Estelle De Willoughby via “Gay & Lesbian Richmond” " data-medium-file="https:// data-large-file="https:// class="size-full wp-image-144366" title="1945-Estelle-De-Willoughby-via-glrichmond" src="https:// alt="" width="530" height="397" /Barbara Gittings in picket line, photo by Kay Tobin Lahusen (1965) " data-medium-file="https:// data-large-file="https:// class="size-medium wp-image-144609" title="1965-barabara-gittings" src="https:// alt="" width="514" height="640" /Three members of Lavender Menace at the Second Congress to Unite Women, New York, 1970 May (May 1970) " data-medium-file="https:// data-large-file="https:// class="size-medium wp-image-144391" title="1970-lavender-menace" src="https:// alt="" width="640" height="439" /1974 – Isis at the IHOP: Seated L to R: Suzi Ghezzi, Stella Bass, Jeanie Fienberg, Nydia Mata, Lauren Draper, Carol Mac Donald and Ginger Bianco. via via queermusicheritage.us — Interracial couple embracing as demonstrators gather for the second Gay Pride Parade in New York City.

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