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On-screen, Will continues kissing Vanessa as he traces a lazy line hand down her stomach until his fingers nudge the edge of her panties.She moans lightly, gently pushing her hips up until his hand slips into the waistband and down to her sex. Reluctantly, Vanessa wriggles free of her lovers’ embrace, sliding off the couch to kneel on the floor, closer to the cam.“I think it’s time we saw a bit more of these gorgeous boys, don’t you? As if scripted, Lee and Will rise to their feet, standing either side of her and making it clear from the bulges in their pants that they’re as excited as the rest of us.In an effort to avoid cumming too soon I slow my masturbation down, and take a quick glance at the room’s users. Still on his knees, Will winks at the camera.“Forty tokens if you guys want to see her pussy.”The words are barely out of his mouth before there’s a pinging noise indicating a tip has been made, and the amount and tipper’s name flash on screen.“Thank you, boogie Bond,” says Will.

Oblivious to my jealousy, Will pulls her panties down to her ankles, and Vanessa daintily steps out of them, kicking them behind her under the sofa.

Somehow, I’m relieved to see they’re both still wearing jeans, and...

Right on cue, Vanessa enters the screen, cutting across Lee to sit down in the vacant seat between them. A natural 34C, her athletic figure has always made her boobs seem bigger, but even with that the bra is working overtime, making her cleavage look mouth-wateringly fantastic.

Will is on his knees behind her, snuggling in close as he kisses her neck and shoulders, one of his hands pulling and squeezing Vanessa’s left nipple in the way I know she likes, the other hand back inside her panties, fingers working away between her legs.

Lee stands in front of her, and I watch Vanessa reach upwards with her mouth to meet the end of his erect penis, licking and kissing the shaft gently before taking half the length into her mouth to suck his cock, cheeks bulging like a porn-star as her head bobs up and down taking him deeper and deeper each time.

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Instead, she moves in closer to Lee, putting her lips to his, tongues darting in one another’s mouths as they share a long, sensual kiss.

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