My teenage daughter dating loser

John T., Suffolk A I can think of plenty of more tasteful alternatives – taking a few friends to the ballet, a weekend in a cottage in the country, even getting their nails painted – but your daughter might not agree.

I fell for this one myself nearly a decade ago and hated writing out the cheque for something so tacky and ephemeral, although it hit the spot on the day.

Point out that for the same money she could do x, y and z, which none of her friends have already done.

He may shrug and raise his eyes to heaven but he will hear, and be grateful.

Keep including him in family activities, take an interest in whatever seems to obsess him, and offer him lifts.

Q My nine-year-old daughter is absolutely set on a limo party for her 10th birthday in December.

Apparently, the form is to hire one of those revolting stretch limousines and drive around the neighbourhood waving and yelling and playing loud music while pigging out on soft drinks and watching DVDs.

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