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This can range from harmless pitches on the street, beach, or shopping area to buy souvenirs, marijuana, or services like hair-braiding, to bogus offers of tourist-guide services, to racial slurs aimed at white visitors and sexual harassment of women.

Despite a concerted, decades-long effort to address the problem, one in three visitors to Jamaica still reports being on the receiving end of some time of harassment (that is down from the 60 percent who reported being harassed in the mid-1990s).

Violent crime can be a real problem in Kingston, Montego Bay, and other parts of the country, but typically such crimes involve attacks by Jamaicans on other Jamaicans and revolve around drugs, gangs, politics, poverty, or revenge.

Most crimes targeting visitors in tourist areas like Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios are property-oriented -- pickpocketing and petty theft, for example.

You will see an increased police presence in areas of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios frequented by tourists, but if you are a victim of crime you may find the response of the local police to be lacking -- or nonexistent.

Armed robberies do occasionally involve tourists, and can turn violent if victims resist.

Special tourist police have been employed in these areas in an attempt to control crime: you can spot them by their uniform of white hats, white shirts, and black pants.

Use of public transportation is not recommended, since public buses are often overcrowded and can become venues for crime.

Take a cab from your hotel or use transportation from vendors that are part of JUTA -- the Jamaica Union of Travelers Association.

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