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Black should be avoided in favor of neutral tones and solid colors.

Prints can be worn if they won't cause a distraction; a garish yellow, fuchsia and orange dress is usually inappropriate.

You may be wondering what colors are okay to wear to weddings.

Technically speaking, any color is okay as long as you follow a few simple rules.

Your goal is to minimize the chances of fighting with Mother Nature, so avoid fabrics that can be caught in the wind and heels that may cause you to fall on icy patches.

Men should wear a cleanly pressed dress shirt and slacks during the day, paired with a blazer or sport coat for evening weddings.

If you are ever in doubt about what color you should wear to the wedding, ask the bride.

Guests of this type of wedding are expected to glam it up for the event.

Generally a woman should wear feminine clothing that is neat in appearance.

A cocktail dress or business suit in various shades is a perfect choice for informal weddings.

Male guests should wear a nice dress shirt and slacks paired with a sports jacket, in matching colors like brown and beige.

A black suit and modest tie are acceptable if the wedding is after p.m.

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Men should wear suit and tie during the day and a black or dark navy blue tuxedo at night.

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