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On the other hand, though, I don't think that's a completely bad thing.

Sure, diversity is nice, but I'm not a stickler about change for change's sake. PS: Many years after writing this introduction, I've found that, while I agree with what I originally wrote, there are a couple of extra points I wish to include here (without disturbing my original ramblings).

They had a formula, and an extremely successful one at that, and they managed to squeeze every last ounce of melodic and lyrical beauty that they could out of it, and even when the group was in its last days (before returning, of course), they still produced the goods. My thoughts mainly pertain to the question of what it is that makes this band so appealing to me and others like me and so repulsive to so many others.

I can tell you for sure that this is definitely one of those bands that falls into the "you either get it or you don't" camp, which in turn raises a question in my mind: what the heck is "it?

The next thing which attracted me to the group was, obviously, the songs.

With the possible exception of the Beatles, I can honestly say that no group has ever amazed and enchanted me harmony-wise than this quintet/quartet. Compare his voices on the original "Legend of a Mind" and the version from the Red Rocks concert and you will be absolutely astounded at how deep and lush his voice became in the last years of the band.

Next, John Lodge has always had a very sad, mournful tone to his singing, but this never hurt his songs and often enhances them.

A couple of short examples: Robert Fripp, when asked how one tunes a mellotron; "Tuning a mellotron doesn't." John Paul Jones on his keyboard setup; "Uhn, the mellotron ...

I spent my whole career trying to replace the mellotron ...

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