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She is shown to be Joe Caputo's object of affection until she introduces him to her boyfriend at the Christmas pageant in "Can't Fix Crazy." Caputo continued to be infatuated with her, inviting her to a local bar where his band "Side Boob" was performing.

Fischer invited the other CO's, either not aware of his intentions or hoping to thwart them.

Fischer's inexperience and naivety caused her to be liked, but not generally respected in a professional capacity by the inmates.

She was strangled by Miss Claudette in "Fool Me Once", after trying to adopt a more no-nonsense attitude towards the inmates at precisely the wrong time, as Miss Claudette had just found out her appeal for early release had been denied.

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Fischer complained to Caputo that the quota bred distrust between the guards and the inmates, and resulted in inmates being punished unfairly.

The only difference between us is that when I made bad decisions in life I didn't get caught.

Kelso rubs in with Hyde he and Angie are all over each-other, and their pact protects him against reprisals.

Eric also wants a pact, and is promised one 'after' getting Hyde out of his- Eric makes the family tell Angie anecdotes about Michael's craziest stunts, like gluing himself to the fridge and inventing 'car skiing' till she dumps the innocent boy, whose miserable reaction touches even Hyde, who asks Angie to take him back.

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At a bridal convention, Jackie who has a bad row with Hyde presents herself as bride Donna, and Fez as fiancé Eduardo, prince of Mexico, who is planted with the other superfluous grooms.

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