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Ali said it had been his dream to become a sniper since he joined police basic training.

After 45 days of basics, he was accepted into sniper training, spending six months becoming acquainted with the specialization under Iraqi and Italian trainers in Baghdad and Fallujah.

It was there the head of the militant group declared a "caliphate" in Iraq and Syria after invading in 2014.

Federal police, many of them young and inexperienced, have taken the brunt of the casualties during the latest offensive.

The investigations began in 2012 and will conclude this year."What is surprising is the size of this settlement," one of the expedition leaders, Rafał Koliński of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, told IBTimes UK."All the earlier settlements evidenced in the area are very small in size, rarely exceeding 1 hectare.

The same can be said of settlements contemporary to Xarab-i Kilashin, our urban site, which were mere villages."Xarab-i Kilashin is arranged in a semi-circle around the northern river bank, stretching for a diameter of about 300 metres.

In September, Catholic and Christian churches called for USAID to release million of the allocated funds, but state officials have said that there is a "religion blind" policy which prevents money form being sent to religious groups despite the statutory mandate to assist these communities. But our government is not."The Trump administration's first International Religious Freedom Report recognized the genocide of Christians in Iraq and Syria back in August, with Secretary of State Rex. Tillerson writing: "ISIS has and continues to target members of multiple religions and ethnicities for rape, kidnapping, enslavement, and death.

Fox noted that an exception was made for the Rohingya Muslim refugees from Myanmar, however, who received million in aid."It is always good when people who are in danger are helped. ISIS is clearly responsible for genocide against Yezidis, Christians, and Shia Muslims in areas it controlled."Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said on Tuesday that while the Trump administration has recognized the genocide, "it has taken surprisingly long for it to do something about it.""It's time for the State Department to follow through on its commitment to help these families, who are being hunted down simply for believing in Jesus Christ.

"The (ISIS fighters) are out there," said the 20-year-old Iraqi federal policeman, taking his eyes off the scope for a moment.The discovery of Xarab-i Kilashin is part of a major archaeological investigation of a 3,000 square kilometre area in the Fertile Crescent.This region is often considered the birthplace of agriculture about 10,000 years ago.An ancient city known as Xarab-i Kilashin has been discovered on the banks of the Great Zab river in what used to be northern Mesopotamia in the late 3rd millennium BCE.The region has been off-limits to archaeologists for many years, first because of political instability in the area and later due to the presence of Isis.

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With the rise of the Assyrian empire in the 2nd millennium BCE, Xarab-i Kilashin went into decline.

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