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Here's a timeline of all of Durst's alleged misdeeds — and unlike The Jinx, it's all in the correct order.

1971Durst, the eldest son of a wealthy New York real-estate magnate, meets Kathie Mc Cormack, a teenage dental hygienist who lives in one of his family's buildings.

With Charatan's help, he posts a 0,000 bail, then disappears.

November 30, 2001Durst is finally arrested in Pennsylvania, after he's caught trying to shoplift a sandwich. His car is found to contain two guns, Morris Black's driver's license, and ,000.

Both she and Durst begin having affairs — he with Prudence Farrow, the inspiration for the Beatles song "Dear Prudence." January 6, 1982After one assault, Kathie takes a friend's advice and visits the hospital, receiving treatment for bruises.

January 31, 1982Kathie Durst attends a party at her friend Gilberte Najamy's house in Connecticut, but leaves early after receiving an angry phone call from Durst.

Late 1999 After receiving a bogus tip about the location of her body, police in Westchester reopen the Kathie Durst case, this time as a possible homicide.

The main piece of evidence is an anonymous letter addressed to the "Beverley Hills" police, which informs them that there is a "cadaver" in Berman's house.

Though Kathie Durst's friends suspect she was murdered to keep her from telling the police what she knew about the disappearance, Berman's own circle maintains that her "moblike code of loyalty" would have prevented her from even considering testifying against Durst.

Their love affair is swift; after two dates, Durst invites Kathie to move to Vermont, where he owns and operates a health-food store. 1973At the insistence of his father, Durst moves back to New York to rejoin the family business. Kathie tells friends and family that Durst has become controlling and abusive, and claims he forced her to have an abortion.

He takes Kathie with him, and the couple are married later that year. She considers divorce, but is hamstrung by an "unfair" prenup.

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