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' The problem is that they have so many guests that it's hard even for a completist listener like me to keep them straight, so I'm starting to keep a list of frequent guests and their best-known bits, songs, or characteristics. Peter, when you get your detox over and done with, please ask the cool chics in Ntz to party with you on the new porch.

The 7/14/04 show is definitely the one that appears as the extra disc on Donkey Show; the October 7 show is a 'Best Of' introduced by Jimmy 'Mad Dog' Matis, and just replays hour 3 from 7/14.

I’ve lost count of the number of young women who were told this by their church leadership, which was of course all male. Apparently, looking at another man’s wife, even in church, may lead to “lust” or the “appearance of evil,” I’ve been told.

“A subjective sense of calling to pastoral ministry must never contradict the word of God,” women are told, by men who never stop to consider that their interpretation of the Bible may be equally subjective, and possibly wrong. Many women have told me that when they take communion to remember the death and resurrection of our Lord, the table is presided over exclusively by men. -when you’re told that you’re being influenced by Satan because you want to be a pastor or a priest? Are we being good ambassadors for Christ when we treat women this way? -did Jesus fail to make eye contact with Mary, when he went to her house and taught her the ways of God as she sat at his feet?

Check out his books: “Let My People Go: A Call to End the Oppression of Women in the Church” & "A God I'd Like to Meet: Separating the Love of God from Harmful Traditional Beliefs".

Kristi Lee steps out of the shadow of the Bob and Tom Show where she can start a new venture, beginning with this show, Kristi Lee Uninterrupted.

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