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Prior to 1998, the Metropolitan Separate School Board was the governing body of all publicly funded Roman Catholic schools in Toronto.In 1998, the board was reorganised, resulting in the separation of English and French language schools, the latter of which are now part of the Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud.It is up to the school principal whether or not non-Catholics are enrolled.Recently, the issue of government funding for religious schools has become a major political issue (see Ontario general election, 2007), with PC Party Leader John Tory supporting an extension of funding to all religious schools, Dalton Mc Guinty's Liberals and Howard Hampton's NDP supporting the status quo, and Frank de Jong's Greens alone calling for elimination of public funding for all religious schools (including Catholic Schools).The CHS Toronto building is also home to CHS Head Office.Meet other people with hearing loss and share common experiences.Some trustees anticipated protests from parents and students from Newman., all TCDSB elementary students must wear a uniform of a white or navy blue top, and navy blue bottoms.

Some are built in Tudor Gothic style ones in the late 1800s.

There are more than 85,864 students serving over 200 Catholic schools, and represent close to 475,000 Catholic school supporters in all of Toronto.

The TCDSB also has staff consisting of 6,000 teachers, 2,800 support staff, 360 principals and vice principals, and 200 administrators.

While Catholic high schools are funded by the provincial government, making them open to any students who wish to attend, elementary schools do not have to enroll non-Catholic students.

Many argue that the practice of fully funding separate schools exclusively for the Catholic faith is discriminatory to other religions (the United Nations has twice chastised the province for this policy).

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