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Sure enough his little hard cock soon became a very little soft cock.I fitted the cage, snapped the lock shut and then gave him the gold chain.So whilst my future husband was courting me I carried on with my nymphomaniac life behind his back, but I gave him the best sex he'd ever had and he was soon completely smitten.When I hinted at marriage after 3 months he jumped at the chance, so in no time I was ensconced in his lovely home and spending his hard earned cash for fun!I also allowed him to go down on me for hours, something which he loved doing, although I doubt he'd have been so keen if he knew he was licking my black studs' cum out of me.He also got the privelige of rubbing baby oil into every bit of my body but of course that just made him even more horny and frustrated.I also told him how turned I get at the thought of my caged up hubby grovelling at his feet then gagging on his cock while he groped me to his hearts content.

I've always been a horny bitch and a complete slut, particularly with big cocked black men, and had no intention of giving up that side of my life!

He objected but I told him that if he didn't go along with it I wouldn't let him lick my pussy or my feet, so obviously he reluctantly accepted.

I sent him off to get a bag of peas from the freezer and ordered him to press it against his cock and balls.

I told him to clip the key onto the chain and then fit it round my ankle. I then told him he could lick my feet as a reward, which he duly did.

While he was down there I explained that he must never ask for release and that I would decide when to let him out.

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I always dress like a complete slut - skimpy tops, tiny thongs, short skirts and high heels.

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