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Glass cases hold the skeletons or stuffed and mounted remains of other polycephalic or diprosopus animals including a two-faced raccoon; a calf head with two partial heads joined in the middle; and a goat with two complete individual heads and six legs; most of these animals are juveniles since their condition rarely allows them to survive very long (having to share organs and compete for food).

One glass case holds a skeleton of a two-headed human baby; I'm somewhat skeptical since a cursory scan of e Bay or Craigslist doesn’t turn up many sites hawking dicephalic infant skeletons and judging by the size, the owners would have had to have been toddlers.

Todd Ray passed up a lucrative career in the music industry to devote his time and energies into this labor of love; apparently he scours the globe traveling to far off exotic lands in search of living and deceased natural oddities to stock his ever-expanding freak empire.

If you happen to be checking out the exterior Land of Oz that is Ocean Front Walk at Venice Beach, dropping a five-spot at the Venice Beach Freakshow is an entertainment-packed bargain.

Morgue brought Asia Ray (daughter of owner Todd, who also boasts the titles "The Rubber Girl", "Fire Eater", and "Electra, The Electric Lady") onstage and ringmastered her electrifying performance.

After the show I walked around to peruse the exhibits; another stage show had started, but since I'd already witnessed the human drama of athletic competition sans the Vinko Bogataj "agony of defeat" moment I took my time at the displays.

The Venice Beach Freakshow is the brainchild of entrepreneur Todd Ray who, along with his family has expanded the freak show to include live and preserved animals (and humans) with multiple extremities and a stage featuring sideshow performers. As a teaser, a plastic tub of water holds a couple of small turtles paddling about to their hearts' content; upon closer inspection, the couple of turtles each contain a couple of turtles with one sporting two heads and six legs while the other features three heads.

There is usually a barker outside convincing the public to part with a fin for the purpose of gawking at a collection and performances that are part P. There is a painted picture of Rocky the 5-legged dog on the banner out front; in the image, Rocky is portrayed as a fearsome Doberman complete with spiked collar which strikes fear into the hearts of mortal men until Ray's wife Danielle approaches carrying Rocky, a frisky miniature pinscher.

In a Q&A with AMC back in May, Asia Ray said that "Morgue is my best friend on the show and the reason I like him so much is because he is such a real person and what he does is so impressive to me and I admire it." Sounds like she really likes him though, right?

It looks like they just enjoy hanging out together and are really close.

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