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Archaeologist today call this the "Wild Nile." Seasonal heavy floods held the Nile valley in its grip for more than three thousand years.

During this period human occupation was impossible.

Much dispute exists about the possible of influence of different areas of the Near East.Refer to previous discussion by the Urantia Papers. This chart can be compared with the following table, borrowed from the web site of Francesco Raffael. U-503 and fragments from U-127) The archaeological evidence shows two different emerging cultures, one in the Delta, and one in upper Egypt, centered around the great bend in the Nile, the location of modern Qina, and overland routes from the Red Sea locations now known as Bur Safajah and Al Qusayr.One site in upper Egypt, out of reach of the wild river inundations, showed the gathering of large quantities of fish, and preservation through smoking. Wavy handled pottery (W-class) Brooklyn, Carnarvon knife handles (Naqada IIc-IIIa) (NOTE: Abu Zeidan t.32, which contained the Brooklyn knife-handle, dates early Naqada III) (Hierakonpolis tomb 100). These routes of travel between the Nile and the Red Sea have been known since ancient times.In Upper Egypt, between Asyut and Luxor, remains of the Badarian cultures date from the mid 5th millennium BC.This culture was located on the east bank of the Nile River at al-Badari and at Deir Tasa.

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