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First: the spam promoting "" has mutated into spam that either is still promoting that bogus Russian dating setup or the more recent "".

We have been introducing single Russian women since 1997, and we are one of the oldest international marriage companies on the Internet.

This has been going on for several weeks promoting that specific URL.

The predominant means this group is using to promote either "Lady Marmelady" or "" is via unwanted spam sent via botnet to most likely millions of email addresses, none of whom ever opted in. 12th, I started receiving notices from numerous readers of this blog that yet another strain of ridiculous "Russian dating" spam had begun.

I may assure you that we filter out the scammers and check all profiles. Something which has always baffled me is when spam arrives with text that could only have been written with spam filter evasion in mind, and then links to a site which speaks to the visitor in the first person.

We are always aware if a woman is actively searching for her Mr. We delete all inactive profiles, and you can be certain to find only real women on this site. If I received this message, I've clearly never heard of whoever it is that's promoting this rather obvious scam of a site, yet the idiots behind this assume I'm going to have the slightest interest in their fake-personal endorsement of this scam of a website.

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JPG".] It only identifies the alleged "dating site" by the name of "Dating". Clearly they don't seem to care that anyone might actually wish to read what it says before linking forward to the target URL.

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