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Additional inlet-type water-jet inlets were located over the last roadwheels at the rear of the hull, allowing better directional control in the water, or even reverse course, in combinations with the main jets.

A great improvement over previous models using shafts and rudders, designed by N. However buoyancy needed a large, light surface and subsequently, the PT-76 was unusually large for a light tank, especially with such protection.

In amphibious mode, the engine thrust could be directed in two water-jets at the rear, after switching on the two electric bilge pumps, and raised the trim vane which was usually stored inside in the bow but could serve as an additional armor.

Combined with the high-angle prow shape, it was able to swim like a fast landing craft.

It had a depression of -4 and 30 degrees and could fire when swimming.

40 rounds were in store, comprising a mix of OF-350 Frag-HE, AP-T and BK-350M HEAT.

Its 5-speed manual shaft-type (5 fwd/1 reverse) transmission was derived from the T34/85.

Steering was completed by side clutch enables sharp turns and a handbrake.

The PT-76 design was straightforward, as a stretched out T-40.The coaxial 7.62 mm SGMT had a 1000 m practical range, reduced to 500 in daylight on the move and less than 600 by night.It fired by short bursts, at 250 rounds per minute and was fed by 1000 rounds, including tracers. The production started in 1953 at the Stalingrad Tractor Factory (STZ).The latter could be open frontally (acting as a shield) or backward.It had three TPKU-2B vision blocks and two TNP day periscopes.

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