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He had broken up with his ex about 10 months earlier, and he didn't rate his chances of meeting a girl offline."I believe in chivalry," he said of that day in October. Nothing major, but that night they agreed to leave it there, take it no further, and it seemed that was the end of things.

Except the next morning Ron messaged her to say that she did not look like her photos and he had been misled.

resulting in pretty much consistent disappointment and frustration for both parties...

Things kind of snowballed and soon enough he was fielding a ton of Facebook hate.

He had been shamed as a "balding beer bellied mute little c*** of a man" on Bad Girls Advice - an Australian all-girl private Facebook group of 50,000 members."I'm certainly not bald yet," Ron said, when Hack met up with him about four weeks later."I don't know where they got this beer bellied thing from either."There's a few things to follow up: how Ron found out his face was all over a private Facebook group, what he did next, and what the group admins did next.

Then a friend messaged him; a screenshot of the original rant. Ron was working long shifts and not sleeping well, and it was strange to know he was being called a "balding beer bellied mute little c***" and to be powerless to join the conversation. no cat selfies or prudishness), no underage girls, no underage nudity, no asking for medical advice, and "No F**king Screenshots".

She was a member of the group called Bad Girls Advice - Ron searched Facebook but it did not come up. At the time of the Ron-post in early October, the group had about 50,000 members. This makes it probably the largest all-girl private Facebook group in Australia. A and BGA have rules against posting screenshots with faces and names visible but these seem to slip through all the time.

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