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US State Department human rights report on Greece, 2001 This cites research showing that parental spanking in Greece is socially acceptable.

(I have the subjective impression that that goes for southern Europe as a whole.) The Schoolboys of Athens Spare the rod and spoil the child Press release (May 2005) by a Christian group attacks the "anti-family" government and its "loony left" desire to introduce an anti-smacking law.

Scripture, Spanking and the State A Canadian Christian website wrestles with the spanking issue.

Section 43 Inquiry Debate Adjourned 1996 speech in the Senate on repealing Section 43, which allows parents to use reasonable corporal punishment.

In his desperately bleak world view, adults in all cultures have been abusing children to a massive and unimaginable degree since the dawn of time.

Australia is in danger of outsourcing its human-rights law to these people without realising it, he says.However, the martinet is falling out of use, she says. Prohibée dans nombre de pays européens, la fessée reste en vigueur en France.Des psychologues et des médecins entendent la combattre. Krover Nacktarsch wine labels Bottle labels for a German Mosel wine showing jokey drawings of a small boy being spanked by the Kellermeister for drinking the wine and getting drunk. There have been many different versions of the label over the decades.This has been overtaken by events: the Canadian Supreme Court in January 2004 upheld this law, but clarified what constitutes "reasonable" to make it, in effect, more restrictive.Anti-Spanking Extremists Turn Up The Heat Suggests that those campaigning in Canada against Section 43 are a tiny, unrepresentative group.

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