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I second all the advice about Acyclovir or Valtrex; I have also had a lot of success with Lysine, which you can take daily or a bunch when you feel a sore coming on.Also, Abreva, which is an expensive but over-the-counter ointment, has been a miracle unlike any other topical things I have tried.When I was young I use to bite my top lip constantly.Needless to say it is not healing because he is constantly biting the two places.Been there Yes - the type of cold sores you're describing sound like the herpres virus - it can be horrible to have,embarassing to walk around with, not to mention very painful. Depending on how seriously you are prone to break-outs you can take oral meds (much better than anythign available topically) preventatively every day, or only as needed when you feel a cold sore coming on.(The generic name for the medication is Acyclovir, the brand name is Valtrex.Over 80% of the population has the virus, but in most people it is latent, only some people actually get the topical break-outs. Valtrex can be taken 1X/day whereas Acyclovir is prescribed in a dose to be taken 3X/day - so I pay the extras for Valtex in exchange for the ease of use.) I'm not sure if the meds/doses vary for teenagers, but take your son to a dermatologist, or even his regular MD ASAP. finally cold-sore free I am yet another person who has always suffered with cold sores/fever blisters/oral herpes - I started getting the blisters as a very young child (5 years old) and now only get one or two a year.Worried Mother Cold sores are the body telling you that the immune system is run down.This could happen from not enough sleep, stress, being on the go too much, or simply not eating well enough. It really supports the immune system and is good to drink regularly.

He has just turned 15 (and also just started high school this year).

Karen Cold sores typically result from a viral infection called herpes simplex virus (HSV).

After the first occurrence, the viral particles remain alive within the nerve endings that supply that specific location, which is why the sore recurs in the same place.

The virus can also spread to a new location, so wash hands and mouth area frequently.

Sunlight, stress, or fever may trigger new sores, so a sunblock on the lips and around the mouth can help prevent new sores. When the tingling starts that signals the beginning of a new cold sore, hold a cotton ball with isopropyl alcohol on it until the pain and tingling go away. The acne could cause additional stress, making the cold sores even worse.

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