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For example, one study of sex work in Tijuana, Mexico found that the majority of sex workers there are young, female and heterosexual.

Many of these studies attempt to use smaller samples of sex workers and pimps in order to extrapolate about larger populations of sex workers.

Sexual empowerment is another possible reasons why people engage in sex work.

One study found that a majority of the sex workers interviewed enjoyed their occupation and felt like they were discovering themselves.

The term "sex worker" was coined in 1978 by sex worker activist Carol Leigh.

Sex workers may be any gender and exchange sexual services or favors for money or other gifts.

The motives of sex workers vary widely and can include debt, coercion, survival, or simply as a way to earn a living.

It is important to note, however, that sex work is different from sexual exploitation, or the forcing of a person to commit sexual acts, in that sex work is voluntary "…and is seen as the commercial exchange of sex for money or goods" In an attempt to further clarify the broad term that "sex work" is, John E.

Exner, an American psychologist, worked with his fellow colleagues to create five distinct classes for categorizing sex workers.

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