Citect web client not updating

* Profit after tax increased by 37.7% to R340 million (2014: R247 million).

Read more at Zmx TSt Ac B4TGp U.99 Highlights: * Revenue increased by 39.4% to R4 610 million (2014: R3 308 million).

Read more at Da Qu EDj S.99 CCS has a turnover in excess of R200m, and presence in 50 countries, including South Africa, Middle East, Europe, Australia and South America.

CCS solutions are custom built, developed over 30 years and world-class in their chosen domains.

Earnings per share (EPS) and HEPS have grown by 26.3% and 26.4% respectively.

All areas of EOH’s business operations have grown, with the revenue from services being the most significant revenue generator – up by more than R1 billion to R3.4 billion, which is 73% of total revenue.

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