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She looked like the actress Jeri Ryan, but not as pale and with large breasts made larger by giving birth to four children. Her belly button was pierced by a blue gem to match her eyes.

That a 33 year old mother of four had kept the body of a stripper was amazing in itself and it was all from diet and exercise. Gil on the other hand looked odd next to his stunning wife. "Me too." Desiree downed a shot of schnapps and threw herself on her bed beside Melissa.

She could feel her pulse racing as Gil's hands pushed her thighs farther apart. It moved upwards until his hairless cheeks were between her thighs. Melissa's heart rate increased as she felt his breath on her pussy.

When he touched her, it was not where she expected.

Gil and Melissa made their way towards their friends. Melissa knew that the Bate's kept a phone in the den and the drunk teen snuck out on her sleeping friend.

Several other classmates raised their glasses to Gil as he passed. The men acknowledging Gil were all average Joe's and for the most part with happy, beautiful wives at their sides. ***************** Gil Bates had decided to spend his parent free night having a Lord Of The Rings: Special Edition marathon on the dvd player in the den.

Melissa felt her own pussy growing wetter; the movie wasn't doing anything to relieve her horniness.

Embarrassed, she realized, Desiree's skinny twin brother was looking at her body more then he was at the screen. I'm no v-virgin, but it has been awhile since I ate some pussy. "But if you dare tell anyone about this, I'll destroy you.

"I-I'd love too." Melissa turned to look at him and realized what she'd said, "Not you, nerd. She'd let him titty fuck her and Brad had kept trying to push his cockhead into her mouth as he pushed it between her tits. Of course, they held back to show what they were doing to the cameras.

Melissa Johnson walked into the room wearing only her underwear.

Gil had seen her in many a bikini over the last three years that she'd been friends with his sister and she looked awesome, but this image would remain in his brain forever.

Did these genius nerds develop a mind control device? " Melissa laughed at nothing in particular and fell back on the bed.

Leroy did approach 7", but his obesity negated 2" of it. Confessions Of A Teenage Pussy Eater "I think I'm drunk!

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