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However, Sadako is depicted as biologically female in the films and no mention of the "Ring Virus" is made, although she expresses a strong yet malevolent desire to be reborn and in some adaptions, her curse is symbolically represented as "spreading sickness".

Ring 0: Birthday introduced the concept of two Sadakos, an idea not present in the earlier Ring books or films.

She uses the virus to clone and resurrect Ryuji Takayama as well, and convinces Ando to spread the virus in the form of Kazuyuki Asakawa's journal of the curse in return for resurrecting his own son Takanori. Takashi later learns of Shizuko's psychic prediction of Mount Mihara's eruption and tells everyone about it, making her an instant celebrity. Ikuma, eager to prove the existence of ESP, encouraged her to participate in a demonstration at Tokyo.

During the demonstration, Shizuko was successfully able to prove her psychic abilities but a spiteful journalist, Miyaji, accused Shizuko of being a fraud, incting other journalists to join in the slanderous uproar.

All incarnations involve Sadako being thrown down a well and imprisoned within.

Her spirit survived, however, and put itself into a video tape that kills anyone who views it unless someone else watches it within seven days.

Sadako eventually split into identical twins, one good and innocent, and the other destructive.

The film implies that after Sadako committed her first murder during the infamous ESP demonstration depicted in Ring, her soul split into two identical girls—one relatively normal, the other evil and insane.

This second Sadako was imprisoned in the attic by her father and drugged so that she would not physically mature.

If the week expires, the victim will die of a heart attack, or of fright, depending on the continuity.

Most other incarnations share one thing in common: Sadako's need to reproduce and ultimately be reborn, something she can not do herself, as she is portrayed as having Testicular Feminization Syndrome, hence making her intersex, a secret she never disclosed to anyone until her rapist Jotaro Nagao discovered it prior to her death.

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In the novels, she is born to Shizuko Yamamura and Dr. Ikuma convinces Shizuko to give a public demonstration of her psychic powers.

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