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Even then there can be disagreement on how old it is.

Any providence can help how long have you or your family owned it for? Fakes vs original vs reproductions A touchy area one person’s fake is another person’s reproduction.

They generally do not look like they are bolted/riveted together.

Stem, handlebars, steering yoke, cranks, bottom brackets, hubs are all regular places for them but they could be anywhere. If you’re on facebook these groups primarily have an interest in early bikes Penny Farthing Brisbane Chapter, Australian Penny-Farthing Community, The League of Ordinary Riders, The Wheelmen, NVCC has a large number of groups for veteran cycles, for velocipedes etc.Value Let’s face it most of the time value is the first thing people are interested in. You can check places like the American Copake auction house for prices that may provide a guide, also a buy and sell message board you could search, have an online bike auction, also keep an eye on ebay.If you want a sale detailed photos and as much information as you can helps ensure it sells and for what represents a satisfactory price.Tips When searching on your bike it may pay to use all the regional terms either a highwheel/penny farthing/ordinary.Certain people/regions tend to use different terms.

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The company moved the manufacturing of their iconic wagons to China in 2004, saying their Chicago plant was too expensive to maintain. Louis sports shop founded in 1887, had its baseball manufacturing plant moved from Puerto Rico to Haiti in 1969 and finally to Costa Rica in 1988 where they've been made their baseballs ever since.

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