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The created terrain model is opened in the active window.

Geo could round/truncate decimals incorrectly in files, when i Cloud was used with Swedish Windows, fixed. Changes and fixes: - Changing windows/tabs with the function keys F2, F3 and F4. - In the numerical view the option "Localize Graphically", didn't change to the graphical view in v. Examples: - Geo crashed if you tried to create a camber (.skv) file from coordinates using a line without an associated profile. - If a camber file (.skv) was removed from a volume calculation (mbs), Geo crashed. - If a terrain model (.trm) was closed while the tool "Draw Stop Line" was active, Geo could crash. - New 3D filter introduced where a box is drawn to filter the data.

Triangles in Land XML files can have an attribute that they are invisible, even they are a part of the triangulation.

When this option is selected, these triangles are ignored. Users can connect to the cloud based service and manage project data for machine control and field crew units. Your subcription must always be valid to run this feature.

- An advanced simplificaction method can be used to create a point cloud with reduced density for export.

- Export of point clouds to PTS, Geo or Leica PCI formats.

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