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A line started forming long before the meet and greet, and despite the heat there was nothing but excitement for the You Tube sensation.

Cheers and smiles filled the tent when she walked in!

Saturday night, participants strutted their stuff in the annual costume contest, which was kicked off by a performance from Samba New York!

and featured a variety of its own Samba dancers and other Brazilian-themed costumes.

Hosting packed houses both evenings at the Alltech Arena, this year's Celebration of Horses was produced by crowd favorites, KYB Dressage.

In addition to performances by KYB Dressage, the evening also featured Sylvia Zerbini's Grand Liberty Act, Jeff Wilson's Cowboy Dressage and Birds of Prey, Gudmar Petursson's Knights of Iceland, Dan James of Double Dan Horsemanship, and the Majestic Friesians (who definitely snuck in some unicorns).

Our Youth and Children's Show competitors filled the Alltech Arena with their flawless models.

The auction selection consisted of 17 different lots, ranging from vendor packs, to model sets and even another test model! The lucky winner walked away with Arco-íris, a rainbow clearware test model.This year, KYB Dressage's performances included their interpretations of The Wizard of Oz, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and The Lion King each complete with outstanding costumes, plus a special performance of the Man from Snowy River with Dan James.The Knights of Iceland wowed audiences with two daring precision performances, both of which featured fire!The Morgan horse is America's horse and the picture is 100% American." Jeff Wilson was quoted on the clipping in an article by WKYT, "I've had a lot of veterans get really emotional when they see it.There's just something special about seeing these logos on the horse." The tribute touched our hearts and above all honored our veterans in a way that was truly unique.

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According to Dana Boyd, the picture first appeared on Orion back in 2012 and she swore she would never do it again simply because of the intricacy and accuracy the design required.

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